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A new series of JavaScript courses by the author of
O'Reilly's "Programming JavaScript Applications"

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Learn from a pro who builds apps with millions of users.

15 years of application development experience in JavaScript, O'Reilly author, pubilc speaker. You'll learn the tricks of the trade used in real production applications.


Learn how JavaScript is different, and how to make those differences work for you.

Get deep insight into what makes JavaScript uniquely qualified to be the defacto programming launguage of the web.


Dive deeper with the official textbook, "Programming JavaScript Applications".

These courses are designed to give beginners a head start, but regardless of your experience, there's plenty more to learn.


Learn best practices and timeless software strategies while you master the essentials.

Unlike most JavaScript courses, every word is crafted to teach you the skills you need to build robust applications from the ground up. Don't just learn the language. Learn how to use it well.

Software is eating the world, and the web is eating software. All kinds of applications are quickly moving online.

Atwood's Law states, "Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript." That law is quickly proving itself to be true.

Learn how to code:

  • Mobile apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Games

Any app you can imagine, you can build with JavaScript.

Why JavaScript?

“Coding is the must-have job skill of the future.”

- Mashable

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